ABOUT The Coach's Driving School

THE COACH'S DRIVING SCHOOL was formed in 2014. Based in the greater Tulsa Metro Area, The Coach's Driving School is led by Patrick McGrew who has over 26 years experience in Driver's Education. Patrick McGrew, popularly regarded as Coach McGrew, is well known for his years of dedication to the sports system in the Bixby and Broken Arrow school districts. His passion for athletics and his desire to see his students achieve, not only in the classroom but on the athletic field, carries over in to his success as a driver's education instructor. From trips to Eskimo Joe's to simple drives around the Tulsa area as well as dedicated study of traffic laws and procedures, students at The Coach's Driving School are always excited to learn from Coach McGrew.

ABOUT Coach McGrew

Coach McGrew began his professional career in 1985 as a Driver's Education instructor and as an Assistant Coach with the Bixby school system. In 1991, Coach McGrew joined Broken Arrow Public Schools as Defensive Coordinator for the varsity football team until 1998 when he joined Catossa Public Schools as Head Football Coach. Returning to Bixby Public Schools in 2000, Coach McGrew became Head Football Coach and Co-Athletic Director. After retiring from coaching, he continued educating in the Bixby schools as a Science teacher and Assistant Athletic Director until 2014 when he formed The Coach's Driving School.

During his entire history as a Football Coach and educator, Coach McGrew continually taught Driver's Education. His passion to teach teenagers to be confident and safe drivers behind the wheel of a car is evident through his students. Not only is the education process effective with Coach McGrew, but it is fun and exciting. Ask any student or athlete who has worked with Coach McGrew. They'll let you know how exciting it is to join Coach McGrew in the classroom and on the field.